The Meeting shall be convened by the president or the executive committee of the association. Not convening the ordinary general meeting at least once a year, in the first quarter, constitutes an offense, punishable by a fine of 500 to 3000 lei, according to Law no. 230/2007 regarding the organization and operation of Owners Associations.

In addition, the general meeting of members of the Owners’ Association has the following responsibilities:

a) elects and dismisses the president, the executive committee and the auditor or auditing committee members of the owners’ association;

b) adopts, amends or revokes the decision;

c) adopts and amends the budgets for revenues and expenditures;

d) authorizes the Board, represented by the president of the Owners Associations for hiring and dismissal of the person occupying the position of buildings director or other employees or suppliers, for the management and proper functioning of the building;

e) performs other duties that have been conferred by statute, by agreement or by vote of the owners association members.


In order to convene the General Meeting of the Owners Associations, they must be notified by posting it on a visible place or by nominal table of convening, on any general meeting of the Owners Associations, with at least 7 days before the date set, including the agenda of the general meeting. Announced agenda may be completed by decision of the General Assembly.

The General Meeting may adopt decisions, if most owners members of the Owners Associations (half plus one) are personal or by legal representative present at the meeting. If in the first meeting is not reached the necessary quorum of half plus one, the general meeting will be suspended and reconvened within maximum 10 days after the first call. At the reconvened General Meeting, if there is proof that all members of the owners’ association were called, resolutions may be adopted, regardless of the number of members present, by majority vote thereof.


The decisions of the general meeting of the Owners Associations are even mandatory for the owners who were not present at the general meeting and for the owners who are not members of the owners’ association.


In adopting resolutions in the General Meeting of the owners’ association, shall be respected the following:

a)     each owner is entitled to one vote for his property;

b)    for the decisions on the establishment of investment funds for consolidation, rehabilitation and modernization, the vote of each owner has a equal weight as of the part in the common property;

c)     the owner may be represented in the General Meeting by a family member or by another representative who has a written power of attorney and signed by the owner in whose name vote;

d)    a member of the owners’ association may represent one or more members absent, if he has a signed authorization by the owners on whose behalf voted;

e)     in the case of a joint vote, the vote of the owners’ association president is decisive.