The Romanian law firm Pavel, Margarit and Associates assisted a shareholder of a prestigious Romanian green energy company, assisting him in the negotiation between the shareholders, resolving the misunderstandings of the shareholders within the LLC, avoiding the exclusion of one of the shareholders or dissolution to the company, as possible solutions in order to resolve these disputes and litigation between the shareholders.

The assistance and representation services consisted of advising the company’s shareholder activating in green energy sector in order to negotiate and settle various disputes between shareholders in civil and commercial matters. Pavel Margarit and Associates Law Firm was the only law firm involved in the settlement and had a significant role in supporting the client with an overall strategy that took into account all disagreements and relevant disputes between shareholders, as well as advice and support. in the implementation of the necessary actions for resolving the misunderstandings of the associates in the LLC, in order to avoid the exclusion of one of them or the dissolution of the company.

Our services included drafting a company risk report and analyzing relevant documents for this purpose. The purpose of the Memorandum was to highlight the conclusions of our legal analysis, the Articles of Incorporation of the Company and other documents made available, as well as other relevant aspects described by the Client: the operations performed by the Company, decisions and cooperation between shareholders, other issues that could present a risk of liability of the Company’s shareholders.

,,Pavel Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm has extensive experience and numerous lawyers specialized in corporate, commercial law as well as mergers and acquisitions, involved in large-scale projects, providing legal assistance in settling disputes and misunderstandings between associates, being present at negotiations between shareholders to avoid certain solutions, such as dissolution of the company or excluding shareholders said Radu Pavel, the Managing Partner of Pavel Margarit and Associates.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends using the services of a lawyer specialized in corporate and commercial law, as well as mergers and acquisitions who can provide guidance to shareholders in order to save affectio societatis.

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