The Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates, specialized in litigations regarding public tenders in Romania, successfully assisted a Romanian company in the field of construction – street furniture in the public tender procedure in Romania. The tender submitted by the company was excluded from the tender procedure in Romania on the grounds that it had certain calculation errors. The Romanian company filed an appeal, which was rejected, the National Council for Solving Appeals in Romania retaining the legality of rejecting the appellant’s offer regarding the public tender in Romania.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm provided assistance to the Romanian appellant company consisting in analyzing the conditions regarding a new possibility to challenge the decision of the Council when it orders the resumption of the tender procedure in Romania only with certain bidders.

The legal assistance consisted in the analysis of the documents attesting to the fact that the appellant company represented by Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm submitted an offer that fell within the limits imposed by the specifications, its offer being rejected due to some errors that could be corrected in useful time to further participate in the tender procedure in Romania, Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates highlighting the fact that the  company presented the most advantageous conditions of the other bidders.

Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends contacting a lawyer specialized in the public tender procedure in Romania who will analyze the opportunity to challenge the documents issued by the public authorities in Romania in the framework of public tenders in Romania in order to win the public tender projects in Romania that are the subject of procurement and public tender procedures in Romania.