Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates Romanian Law Firm has successfully assisted one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe headquartered in Poland in the field of Romanian consumer protection as a result of the changes brought by GEO 140/2021 regarding certain aspects regarding to contracts for the sale of goods in Romania.


Romanian law firm Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates, specialized in commercial law and consumer protection in Romania provided legal advice on consumer protection in order to avoid possible sanctions applied by the national Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) in case of lack of compliance with the legal provisions.

The Romanian law firm Pavel, Margarit & Associates has provided guidance on the duration of the legal and commercial warranty of the products in Romania, and also analyzing the aspects related to the compliance requirements of the products.


Thus, the European producer, which carries out its activity in Romania, will continue to do so under conditions of legality, with all the legal prerequisites for respecting the rights granted by the consumer protection in Romania.


Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends contacting a lawyer specialized in commercial law and consumer protection law in Romania who will analyze the incidence of the provisions of the consumer protection law in Romania, as well as their impact in carrying out the activity of a legal entity in Romania.