Pavel Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm successfully assisted a company from Nepal in order to obtain the registration of a recruitment agency in Romania that shall carry out employment recruitment agency activities in Romania.

The legal assistance consisted in drafting necessary documents for the registration of the company in Romania at the competent Romanian Trade Registry, providing consultancy in corporate and labor law in Romania, with the aim of obtaining the authorization for the opening of the employment recruitment agency/manpower in Romania.

As a result of fulfilling the procedure, the employment recruitment/manpower agency in Romania, which had already offices in countries such as Nepal, Malta and Portugal, has expanded its activity in Romania, as well.

Thus, the company registered in Romania will be able to place workers/employees from abroad to employers – companies from Romania, acting as an intermediary between the two parties, according to the client’s requests. Therefore, the Romanian manpower company will not conclude individual employment agreements in Romania with the employees that it places to the employers in Romania, but this obligation shall be borne by the latter.

In order to carry out these steps, Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommend contacting a lawyer specialized in Corporate Commercial and M&A and labor law in Romania in order to provide consultancy for company registration in Romania with the Romanian Trade Registry and for obtaining the authorization as an employment/manpower recruitment agency in Romania.

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