Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm has been recognized as one of the top law firms in Romania, by one of the world’s most prestigious independent financial guides, IFLR 1000 Financial and Corporate guide, which brings together law firms in the field of Financial & Corporate. Pavel, Margarit & Associates team brings together banking and finance lawyers, as well as corporate lawyers, with relevant expertise in complex projects.

The guide has recently published the rankings for its new edition, and Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm was ranked on a top place in ‹‹Banking and Finance practice area. In the same category we find other prestigious law firms such as Wolf Theiss and Associates.

At the same time, Radu-Catalin Pavel, Managing Partner of the law firm, received from the same guide the Rising Star distinction, especially for the extensive expertise in Banking and Restructuring and Insolvency practice areas. Last year, Radu-Catalin Pavel received the Rising Star award from IFLR, for Banking, Restructuring and Insolvency and Real Estate practice areas.

Every year, the prestigious guide realizes rankings including the most prestigious law firms in over 120 jurisdictions around the world. Competition for a place in these rankings is fierce, and rankings are offered based on the cases managed by the law in that year.
In one of the most important cases, Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm has advised a large manufacturing company specialized in the production of metallurgical products, in a sale-purchase agreement of commercial assets. The complexity of the case was high due to the fact that the bank previously instituted a first-rank mortgage over the commercial asset. The firm role was to provide legal consultancy to their Client in the transaction for the acquisition of the commercial assets held by a company that went out from the reorganization procedure. The goods sold through the purchase-sale agreement had a value of over 2,5 Million Euro. The importance of the role of the law firm consisted also in the negotiation with the bank the creditor and the mortgagee to approve the transfer, to accept the new owner of the assets and, finally, to agree the terms of the transaction. Pavel, Margarit & Associates drafted the entire transaction, establishing and analyzing the rights and obligations, identifying the risks for the Client the buyer, negotiating and ensuring our clients position within the agreement, so that the transaction is successfully completed for the Client according to its commercial interests.
Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm has a long-standing practice in counseling companies with regard to high-value credit agreements, advising an important industrial company to get a loan of over one million euro in best conditions. In this contract, the client’s interests were well protected by clear contractual provisions, which will also prevent future risks that might arise.

Pavel, Margarit & Associates has also extensive experience in advising clients on contracting other financial instruments, such as factoring products. In 2017, the law firm assisted a client to negotiate a 1 million euro factoring agreement, in order to obtain the best possible conditions. Lawyers reviewed the contract and negotiated its provisions to remove abusive clauses. In the same case, the law firm advised the client in negotiations with a creditor.

In 2017, the law firm also dealt with cases which aimed at obtaining the best credit conditions for individuals who wanted to contract high value loans. The law firm also successfully represented individual clients in litigation with the bank, which aimed at eliminating abusive clauses.

2017 is the second year in which the law firm participated in the competition organized by IFLR 1000, and the second year in which Pavel, Margarit & Associates was recognized by the famous guide as a top Romanian Law Firm, alongside the most prestigious companies in the country.


Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm team is made up of lawyers specialized in various areas of practice, offering clients legal services beyond expectations. The company approaches the cases with maximum professionalism and dedication, the ultimate goal being the achievement of the clients’ objectives, the results being somewhat exceptional. Among the company’s clients are multinationals, local companies with tens of millions of euros turnover and individuals. In 2017, the success stories of the Romanian Law Firm have brought international recognition to the most prestigious international guides and international publications. Thus, Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm ranked second in Romania in the rankings of business law firms with the most relevant expertise this year, produced by the Legal 500 publication, the most prestigious guide for law firms in the world, based in London, UK. The law firm is also recognized internationally and by IFLR 1000 Financial and Corporate Guide 2017. Pavel, Margarit & Asscoiates Romanian Law Firm is also the only law firm in Romania recommended by the Global Law Experts Director in London in the Dispute Resolution Practice.