The deadline for issuing the approvals is maximum 15 days and the term for issuing the permits is maximum 30 days. If the documentation is not complete, within 10 days from the date of application the Inspectorate will inform the applicant that he should take the documentation submitted and the documents to be submitted on completion.

Fire safety and civil protection approvals ceases their validity with the termination of the validity of the urbanism certificate or construction permits. Fire safety permits cease their validity if the conditions that led to their issuance are not fulfilled. In case of realization of alterations and / or change of the destination or spatial construction, the investor or beneficiary has the obligation to resume the authorization process and / or approval.

Approvals and authorizations on fire safety become invalid if it is noticed by the control body a noncompliance with the specific regulations, in correlation with the documentation that led to the issuance, regarding: the fire stability of the building, limiting the fire propagation to neighborhoods and inside the compartments of fire, protection and evacuation of users, security of the forces which intervening for fire extinguish, including assuring the provision of water supply possibilities in case of fire and, if necessary, energy for consumers afferent to the protection systems provided.

The Methodological Norms also provide the structure of the fire safety scenario, which must be signed by the designers of the architecture domain and of the fire protection system and are included in the technical documentation of the building and are kept by the users for the lifespan of the buildings and facilities.

According to structure of the fire safety scenario, in order to identify and establish the fire risk levels are take into consideration: thermal load density; fire reaction classes / grades of flammability of the products; Potential ignition sources and circumstances that may favor the ignition. The levels of fire risk are established for each room, space compartment, depending on the thermal load density, function of the spaces, rooms or the nature of activity undertaken, the fire behavior of the construction elements and characteristics of combustion of materials and substances used, processed, handled, stored and are mentioned in the script prepared for fire safety made for the whole building or fire compartment.

Also, the structure scenario of fire safety requires as issues to be mentioned: the characteristics of the construction or arrangement, levels of performance criteria regarding fire safety, fire stability, evacuation of users, security of the intervention forces, provision of equipment and technical means for fire protection, specific conditions for ensuring the intervention in case of fire insurance and technical and organizational measures.