The Consumer Protection Law No. 21/1992 in Romania aims to balance the relationships between traders and consumers, ensuring consumer rights in Romania through deviations from common contract and civil liability law and promoting informed contractual consent, based on adequate consumer information to prevent the introduction of abusive contract clauses and violation of consumer rights. The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Mărgărit and Associates recommends seeking the services of a consumer dispute lawyer in Romania who can provide legal services in reviewing contracts between professionals and consumers to eliminate any unfair terms in consumer contracts and ensure consumer protection in Romania.

The Consumer Protection Law defines a consumer as a person or a group of persons formed in associations who purchase, acquire, use, or consume products or services outside their professional activity. Consumer rights in Romania represent a fundamental aspect in consumer protection. These rights include the consumer’s right to be informed, the right to compensation for damages suffered, the right to safety, as well as the right to protection against unfair trading regulations and practices or abusive contract clauses. A specialized consumer dispute lawyer in Romania can assist consumers in exercising these rights in their relationships with professionals and in claiming compensation when these rights are violated.

From the perspective of consumer rights in Romania in contract formation, any contract concluded between traders and consumers for the sale and supply of goods in Romania or the provision of services will include clear contractual clauses that don’t require specialized knowledge for understanding. In case of doubts regarding the interpretation of certain contract clauses, they will be interpreted in favor of the consumer and in light of consumer rights protection. Traders are also prohibited from stipulating unfair terms in consumer contracts that create a significant imbalance between the obligations and rights of consumers and those of the other contracting party.

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Consumer protection in Romania is an important component of the quality of life, as reflected in the consumer law, which specifies consumer rights and obligations of economic operators, including consumer information and education, the supply of goods, to ensure that consumers are provided with safe, high-quality products and fair treatment in their transactions with businesses, aspects regarding product and service advertising, aimed at protecting citizens as consumers. Violations of consumer rights should be brought to the attention of the competent authorities to ensure that consumer rights and responsibilities are properly respected. Consumer rights are fundamental to maintaining balance in business relationships and ensuring that violations of consumer rights are appropriately sanctioned in accordance with consumer law.

The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Mărgărit and Associates  are committed to provide the highest quality legal support and assistance to consumers to ensure protection against unfair trading regulations, practices and abusive contract clauses, with the help of a team of specialized consumer dispute solicitors in Romania ready to assist and represent you in disputes related to consumer rights violations, in reviewing and negotiating contracts, in claiming compensation for damages suffered in order to promote transparency and fairness in contractual relationships, guaranteeing consumer protection.

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