Romanian citizenship may be obtained by persons who lost this status, as well by their descendants, relatives of maximum second degree, if these ones demand regaining citizenship.  The file for regaining of Romanian citizenship includes certificates that require legalization, statements, as well as evidence of the date when citizenship was lost. A Romanian citizenship and immigration lawyer can take care of obtaining the necessary documentation and drafting up the file, in order to obtain citizenship, say specialized lawyers from Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.


National Authority for Citizenship is the Romanian authority entitled in granting Romanian citizenship. The condition imposed by law is for the applicant to prove through his behavior, actions and attitude, loyalty to the Romanian State, not to undertake or support actions against the rule of law or national security and to declare that in the past he did not take such actions.                 In principle, the applicant must have 18 years old. In the case of minors, the procedure necessarily involves the consent of both the parents and the minor regarding the regaining of Romanian citizenship.

The applicant must also be known with good behavior and not be convicted in the country or abroad for an offense that makes him unworthy of being a Romanian citizen.
On the basis of these legal provisions, Romanian citizenship will be granted to the applicant on request, while maintaining foreign citizenship and establishing his domicile in Romania or maintaining it abroad.

Documents required:
1. Passport
2. Criminal record certificate issued in Romania;
3. Notarized Marriage Certificate
4. If the applicant wasnt previously a Romanian citizen, the following acts of civil status are needed (birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of change of first/second name, death or divorce certificate etc.), for ascendants (parents, grandparents) former Romanian citizens.

If the applicant did not have Romanian citizenship, it is necessary to have civil status documents (birth certificate, marriage, name change, death or divorce, etc.) for former parents (parents, grandparents). The applicant must submit:
– Statement on own responsibility, showing whether or not another application for Romanian citizenship has been filed;- Statement on own responsibility, which will show whether the applicant wants to acquire Romanian citizenship while maintaining their domicile abroad or establishing their domicile in Romania;- Self-declaration, showing that the applicant currently does not support actions against the rule of law or national security, nor did it in the past;- Civil status documents for minor children of applicants, if applicable;- Parents’ agreement for the acquisition of Romanian citizenship by minors;- Consent of minors over 14 years old to acquire Romanian citizenship;- Written proof regarding the date of loss of Romanian citizenship. If there is no such proof, a nationality certificate or a certificate of foreign citizenship is required, whereby the petitioner or the ascendants of the petitioner (parents, grandparents), former Romanian citizens, obtained for the first time since leaving Romania a foreign nationality from which to indicate the date of its granting; acts from which the date when the petitioner or the ascendants of the petitioner (parents, grandparents), former Romanian citizens, emigrated from Romania;

Persons requesting the regaining of Romanian citizenship with establishing their domicile in Romania must submit: proof of housing in Romania, proof of the legal source of existence in Romania.

The Romanian citizenship is recovering from the date of the oath of faith to Romania.

In order to regain Romanian citizenship, it is advisable to use the services of a lawyer specialized in obtaining Romanian citizenship and immigration. This can help you to prepare the required dossier, thus having great chances of success. Also, if the Romanian National Authority for Citizens refuses to approve the applicant’s request, a lawyer may open a lawsuit to win this right for the client, says Romanian citizenship and immigration specialized lawyers from Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.


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