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    Juridical Updates 23 February 2024

    The Romanian Rules on the authorisation of financial auditors and audit firms in Romania, the authorisation of financial auditors/recognition of audit firms in other member states, withdrawal and recovery of authorisation, from 16.02.2024 The competent authority responsible for the authorisation of financial auditors and audit firms in Romania, the authorisation of financial auditors from another […]

    corporate compliance

    Compliance lawyer. Monitoring legislative changes in Romania

    Corporate compliance lawyer in Romania. How do Multinational companies monitor legislative changes in Romania? In the modern society, multinational companies aim to be informed about the current legislation in Romania, taking into account their object of activity. In practice, multinational companies are interested in getting a review of legal changes in Romania, on issues such […]

    corporate governence

    Compliance Lawyer in Romania. Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance in Romanian Companies Corporate governance compliance in Romania represents a set of rules, practices, and processes that regulate the management and supervision of a company in Romania. The concept of “corporate governance” aims at balancing the interests of various parties involved in the operation and activities of an organization, such as shareholders, executive […]

    labor lawyer in romania

    Labor Lawyers in Romania. Non-compete clause in agreement

    Labor Lawyers in Romania. Non-compete clause in agreement When it comes to labor law and employment in Romania, the employment contract in Romania is the main instrument that regulates labor law relations, establishing rights and obligations for both the employer and the employee. Before the conclusion of the employment agreement in Romania, the parties establish […]


    Gdpr lawyer Romania. Excessive monitoring of personal data

    Gdpr lawyer in Romania. Excessive monitoring of personal data and sanctions in Romania. Any operation involving the registration, storage, or disclosure of personal data (GDPR in Romania) also involve a manifestation of the free and informed will of the person, whereby they accept, either through a GDPR form in Romania or through unequivocal action, that […]

    GDPR in Romania

    GDPR in Romania

    Protection of personal data in Romania. The right to be forgotten Personal data in Romania consist of any information that contributes to the individualization of a person and allows its identification. Given the constant evolution of the modern society and technology, it was necessary to implement strict rules on the protection of personal data in […]

    branch in Romania

    Филиал в Румынии

    How to incorporate a branch in Romania? According to the Romanian Companies Law no. 31/1990, the branch in Romania is an entity without legal personality, being a dismemberment of a company in Romania. It is necessary that before starting the economic activity in Romania, the branch is registered with the Romanian Trade Register of the […]

    Договор аренды в Румынии

    Договор аренды в Румынии

    Lease Contract in Romania According to the Civil Code, lease is the contract by which one party, called the lessor, undertakes to provide the other party, called the lessee, with the use of a property for a certain period in exchange for a price, known as rent. The lease of real estate and of movable […]

    Insolvency in Romania

    Insolvency prevention in Romania

    Ways to prevent insolvency in Romania Insolvency in Romania is that state of a company in Romania when it is financially unable to pay its certain, liquid and exigible debts to creditors, regardless of whether they originate from commercial, labor or any other relations. By adopting the Romanian Law no. 85/2014 on insolvency prevention and […]

    Возврат НДС в Румынии

    Возврат НДС в Румынии

    Interest on VAT refund claims in Romania The concept of tax disputes refers to disputes in which one of the involved parties is a public authority and the purpose of the litigation is either the total or partial annulment of an administrative act, or compelling the public authority to issue an administrative act or perform […]