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tax litigation lawyer in Romania

Tax Lawyer in Romania. Excise duties in Romania

Changes regarding excise duties in the Fiscal Code in Romania Recently, the Romanian Government adopted an emergency ordinance introducing significant changes to Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code in Romania. These amendments aim to clarify and update regulations concerning excise duties, directly impacting economic operators across various industries. Additionally, the changes include measures to […]

Система электронного транспорта в Румынии

Корпоративный юрист в Румынии. Система электронного транспорта в Румынии

E-Transport lawyer in Romania. Legal updates regarding E-Transport System in Romania The E-Transport system in Romania has recently undergone a series of legislative changes aimed at improving efficiency and transparency in the transport sector. These changes reflect the continuous efforts of authorities to adapt the legal framework to the current market needs and to promote […]

государственные закупки

Юрист по государственным закупкам. Государственные закупки – Этапы

Public procurement lawyer in Romania. Stages of the public procurement procedure in Romania The notion of public procurement in Romania encompasses the acquisition of works, goods, or services through public procurement contracts in Romania by contracting authorities in Romania from designated economic operators, regardless of whether the works, goods, or services are intended for public […]

Передача акций в Румынии

Корпоративный юрист. Передача акций в Румынии

General aspects of share transfer in Romania The transfer of shares in Romania is the method by which ownership of shares held by a shareholder in a limited liability company (LLC) is transferred to an individual or a company as a result of concluding a share transfer agreement in Romania. To carry out an assignment […]

правоприменение в Румынии

Условия, необходимые для исполнительного производства в Румынии

What conditions need to be met in order to start enforcement proceedings in Romania? The enforcement procedures in Romania is regulated by the Romanian civil procedure code, being a complex process through which a creditor in Romania can pursue a debtor in Romania to recover a certain, liquid, and due claim in Romania. The legislator […]

Юрист по исполнительным делам в Румынии

Адвокат по исполнительным делам в Румынии. Принудительное исполнение – процессуальные аспекты

Legal assistance in litigation and enforcement procedures in Romania According to the Civil Procedure Code, the bailiff seeks the approval of forced execution in Romania from the enforcement court, at the creditor’s request. The approval of forced execution procedure in Romania allows the creditor to request the bailiff to resort, simultaneously or successively, to all […]

Политика по борьбе с отмыванием денег

Политика по борьбе с отмыванием денег в Румынии

The obligation to implement the anti-money laundering policy in a company In contemporary society, the prevention and combating money laundering in Romania have become increasingly important. The legislative framework, specifically the Romanian Law No. 129/2019 on preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, has instituted a series of obligations for companies. The rationale for […]

юрист по недвижимости в Румынии

Важность юриста по недвижимости в проектах недвижимости в Румынии

Essential Legal Aspects for Real Estate Developers in Romania: PUZ, Urbanism Certificate, litigation and contracts In the context of continuous urban and real estate changes, obtaining the necessary authorizations for starting new constructions involves submitting a series of documents and adhering to strict rules imposed by current legislation, making the procedure increasingly complex. From finalizing […]

взыскание долга

Адвокат по взысканию долгов в Румынии. Процесс взыскания долга

Debt recovery lawyer in Romania. Debt collection process in Romania The Romanian legislator has provided that a creditor in Romania has several options for debt recovery in Romania, ensuring the protection of the right of claim in Romania. Generally, it is preferable for a debt to be recovered amicably through mediation in Romania, as this […]

Юристы по недвижимости

Юристы по недвижимости в Румынии. Комплексная проверка и SPA

Real Estate Lawyers in Romania. Due diligence and purchasing an apartment or building in Romania Legally, purchasing/buying an apartment or building in Romania often involves the preliminary signing of a pre-sale and purchase agreement in Romania between the buyer and the real estate developer in Romania. Given that most apartment or building acquisitions in residential […]