Our lawyers assist business, corporate and private clients to resolve a broad range of commercial disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.


Criminal Law & White Collar Crime

Our lawyers in criminal law, with an experience of over 10 years, are available for effective assistance and legal representation for both individuals and companies on any specific aspect of this field of expertise, for ensuring and respecting the right to a fair trial. Once we are entrusted a case, we are undertaking with maximum attention, devotion and conviction each stage of the criminal process, from the stage of criminal prosecution including the phase of prior acts, and to the representation before the highest legal forum, including extraordinary appeal means.

Although we can not guarantee the success, our company ensures that we will provide to our clients our full capacity and resources to the maximum degree for the defense of the interests of our clients, applying in the management of cases we are entrusted with, optimal strategies for each client so as to avoid criminal charges and to obtain rejection or reduction of the charges already made.

We also provide additionally expertise from specialists of our company on other areas of law, for complex cases with ramifications in other areas such as civil law, intellectual property law, commercial law, labor law, etc. In this regard, we provide full legal representation of our clients, including the recovery of any damage by a civil action pursued in the criminal trial.

Our services :

∎ Legal assistance and representation in front of the prosecution – Police and Prosecutor, respectively the courts of any degree, both in the criminal and in the civil side;
∎ Drafting complaints, denunciations, memories and other applications;
∎ Drafting, filing and supporting applications regarding: Notice of the prosecution; Prior complaint of the injured persons; Complaints directed against the measures and acts ordered by the prosecution including those ordered by the prosecutor; Intervention in a criminal case of the civilly responsible party; Constitution as a civil party; Taking measures for restitution of assets; Suspension of prosecution or of the trial; Provisional release; Revocation of safety measures; Rehabilitation; Merging, parole, postponement or interruption of imprisonment, cancelation or amendment of criminal penalties applied;

Legal advice for:

∎ economic crimes;
∎ financial accounting offenses;
∎ tax offenses;
∎ corruption offenses;
∎ crimes against property;
∎ offenses of forgery and use of forgery;
∎ work offenses and offenses specific to the labor legislation;
∎ crimes against bodily integrity or health;
∎ crimes related to maritime law,
∎ offenses related to public roads;
∎ drafting criminal complaints and demands;
∎ representation in criminal trials and legal assistance;
∎ offenses;
∎ other applications.