Order came into force and takes effect starting on 03.03.2015.

According to the provisions of the Order, payment institutions that provide services of accepting payment through debit cards and credit cards issued in Romania, at the ATM terminals located in Romania, are required to inform consumers of all fees, charges, expenses and any other type of costs that must be borne by the consumer in relation to ATM operations performed.

On the video screen of the ATMs will be submitted all information related to each costs of each operation made: cash withdrawal, transfer between accounts, bills payment or any other service expressly requested by the consumer through the ATM, before the moment of making it. The consumer will be able, if the transaction is not given freely, not to do the operation, by pressing a button to cancel the operation. Information must be indicated in a visible and unequivocal form, easy to read, and the height of the letters and numbers displaying specific information on the costs of the operation must be equal to the other characters which are on the screen.

For debit or credit cards issued by service providers who accept them on their own ATM, the costs of operations will be displayed in percentage for each payment transaction and, where appropriate, will also be displayed the minimum payment amount.

For debit or credit cards issued by other payment service providers than those who own the ATMs, it will be displayed the following warning: “Warning! Your transaction will be charged according to the requirements of the agreement concluded with the card issuer.”

Financial Operators, providers of financial services of payment through debit and credit cards at ATM terminals are required, in case of blocking / withholding the debit /credit card by their own ATM terminal, to inform consumers through warning video on the screen terminal on the following:

  1. the manner in which the consumer can repossess the card blocked / withheld, and the steps needed;
  2. the telephone number which the consumer has to call if the card is blocked / withheld, and time zone in which the consumer can make this call.