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Are you a student looking for a summer internship în a law firm in Romania? Are you graduated student looking for a an internship in Romania?
You want to come to an internship in our Romanian Law Firm?
You cand join us if you want to be part of our journey for a period of time.
You can understand the legal, finance, management, marketing and operational aspects from the journey of our Romanian law firm.

Exceptional career opportunities

We offer a range of personalized career programs, including internships, holiday schools, and more, designed to provide students with invaluable hands-on experience and unrivaled learning opportunities. Either you are a student at or graduated from a law school, marketing, management, finance or any other university in Romania or abroad, you are welcome to come to our law firm for practice, internship or summer classes. You can come for 3 weeks or longer periods. Write us and we will take in consideration your application.

Our extensive network of legal professionals and industry connections will expose you to a wide range of career opportunities within the legal field. The relationships you build during your time with us may open doors to future employment prospects, references, and valuable networking connections.

At Pavel, Margarit & Associates Law Firm, we are dedicated to investing in the growth and development of the legal talent of tomorrow. Join us for an internship or holiday school program and seize the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, expand your legal knowledge, and lay the foundation for a successful career in the field of law.

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    “Interning at Pavel, Margarit & Associates Law Firm was a transformative experience. The hands-on exposure to real cases and the guidance from seasoned attorneys allowed me to develop practical legal skills and shaped my career aspirations in the most meaningful way.”


    “My 5-month internship at Pavel, Margarit & Associates Law Firm surpassed all my expectations. The invaluable mentorship, challenging assignments, and exposure to diverse legal cases have not only deepened my understanding of the legal profession but also ignited a newfound passion for pursuing a successful career in law.”