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branch in Romania

Branch in Romania

How to incorporate a branch in Romania? According to the Romanian Companies Law no. 31/1990, the branch in Romania is an entity without legal personality, being a dismemberment of a company in Romania. It is necessary that before starting the economic activity in Romania, the branch is registered with the Romanian Trade Register of the […]

Insolvency in Romania

Insolvency prevention in Romania

Ways to prevent insolvency in Romania Insolvency in Romania is that state of a company in Romania when it is financially unable to pay its certain, liquid and exigible debts to creditors, regardless of whether they originate from commercial, labor or any other relations. By adopting the Romanian Law no. 85/2014 on insolvency prevention and […]

What aspects should you take consider into consideration when incorporating a company in Romania in 2024?

According to the Romanian Law no. 265/2022 on the trade register and for the modification and completion of other normative acts with an impact on the registration in the trade register, so that a professional can carry out economic activity in Romania, it is necessary, first of all, to require the registration of the company […]

Fiscal changes regarding companies in Romania in 2024

Starting in 2024, the Fiscal Code undergoes a series of modifications enacted by Law 296/2023 and Emergency Ordinance 115/2023. These changes encompass various aspects, including the method of calculating the income tax for micro-enterprises in Romania, additional conditions to qualify as a micro-enterprise in Romania, the mandatory adoption of the RO e-Invoice System and an […]

Procedure for filing bankruptcy in Romania

Any company in Romania is established to carry out economic activity in Romania, but when it fails to meet its commercial commitments, certain legal procedures may intervene aimed at the recovery of economic activity in Romania or the immediate liquidation of the company in Romania, when it is confirmed that there is no chance of […]

What to do when you receive a cease and desist letter in Romania?

Receiving a cease and desist letter can be intimidating for any business owner in Romania. However, it’s essential to understand that a cease and desist letter is not a lawsuit, but it is a warning that legal action may be taken against you. In this article, we’ll provide you with essential information on how to […]

tobacco market

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm successfully assisted a major player owned by the Chinese Government in the acquisition of a Romanian company, an important player in the tobacco market in Romania

The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Margarit and Associates, specialized in commercial, corporate and mergers and acquisitions successfully assisted a company owned by the Chinese Government in the acquisition of a Romanian company, an important player in the Romanian tobacco industry. The legal services included the preparation of a legal due diligence of the target company […]