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    terminate a contract/agreement if our client enters in the insolvency procedure

    What extraordinary transactions mergers, divisions and acquisitions are possible in Romania according to European legislation?

    One of the four freedoms which came along with the creation of the European Union is the freedom of establishment. This freedom includes the right of a legal person duly established to have a new business set up and the freedom of migration of legal person after incorporation from Member State A to Member State […]

    Recovery of the constructor’s debts

    How to incorporate a limited liability company in Romania in accordance with European legislation?

    As our world is more and more interconnected, people wish to have a vast amount of flexibility when establishing a company in Romania in order for both their business and national economy to flourish. Therefore, the European Union paved the way towards stability by harmonizing the steps that need to be taken in order to […]

    How to Establish and Incorporate a Limited Liability Company in Romania Using a Corporate Lawyer in Bucharest

    articles of associationWhat seems to be relevant in the present article is the current legislation in Romania which allows any private or corporate entities to incorporate a limited liability company in Romania. In this regard, the article proposes to give an overview of the legal steps in order to incorporate a limited liability company in […]