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    VAT refund in Romania

    VAT refund in Romania

    Interest on VAT refund claims in Romania The concept of tax disputes refers to disputes in which one of the involved parties is a public authority and the purpose of the litigation is either the total or partial annulment of an administrative act, or compelling the public authority to issue an administrative act or perform […]

    Fiscal changes regarding companies in Romania in 2024

    Starting in 2024, the Fiscal Code undergoes a series of modifications enacted by Law 296/2023 and Emergency Ordinance 115/2023. These changes encompass various aspects, including the method of calculating the income tax for micro-enterprises in Romania, additional conditions to qualify as a micro-enterprise in Romania, the mandatory adoption of the RO e-Invoice System and an […]

    Juridical Updates 5 January 2024

    Romanian Decision no. 1336/2023 amending and completing the Methodological Norms for the application of the Romanian Law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, approved by Government Decision no. 1/2016 In the case of transfer of ownership or its dismemberments by dealings inter vivos, the taxpayer is the one from whose property is transferred or its […]

    Tax disputes in Romania: Appealing Tax Decisions and Administrative Tax Acts

    According to regulations in tax law in Romania, a tax decision and an administrative tax act can be appealed in front of the fiscal authority in order to analyze the validity and legality of the taken measures.The appeal against a tax act is submitted to the issuing fiscal authorities in Romania within 45 days from […]