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Digital Lawyers in Romania. IT Litigation, E-commerce, GDPR

Legal assistance in IT litigation, electronic commerce and GDPR compliance in Romania In the context of the significant expansion of the Information Technology in Romania (IT) field, there is a noticeable increase in the number of software services agreement in Romania and IT consulting in Romania frequently concluded among professionals active in this domain. These […]

GDPR in Romania

GDPR in Romania

Protection of personal data in Romania. The right to be forgotten Personal data in Romania consist of any information that contributes to the individualization of a person and allows its identification. Given the constant evolution of the modern society and technology, it was necessary to implement strict rules on the protection of personal data in […]

Romanian data protection laws: what businesses need to know

Understanding Romanian data protection laws In todays digital age, data protection has become a key concern for businesses in various sectors. As technology advances and the volume of personal data increases, it is crucial for businesses to navigate the legal landscape and comply with data protection regulations. In Romania, companies must comply with specific laws […]