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The court seized with solving the claim for payment of the price of a building confiscated abusively, may grant the updated price, according to the decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice

The High Court held that in the case the applicant claimed only the restitution of the market price (without having a separate point of complaint regarding the refund of the updated price, paid at the time of concluding the sale purchase agreement, under Law No. 112 / 1995, as amended), the Court may grant the […]

laptop lawyer property law

The Decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice on successor rights on payment of the shares held by their deceased predecessor

The moment of birth of the payment obligation relates to the date of the last approved balance sheet, existing at the time of death of the shareholder. Deceased shareholders rights should be established in the same way as those of the shareholder excluded or of the one withdrawing from the Company and they should be […]