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Labor Lawyers in Romania. Non-compete clause in agreement

Labor Lawyers in Romania. Non-compete clause in agreement When it comes to labor law and employment in Romania, the employment contract in Romania is the main instrument that regulates labor law relations, establishing rights and obligations for both the employer and the employee. Before the conclusion of the employment agreement in Romania, the parties establish […]

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Reasons for dismissal in Romania

Dismissal for reasons not related to the employee in Romania In the modern society, dismissal in Romania is a common process in the professional environment, being a cause of termination of employment relations. The Romanian Labor Code provides two hypotheses of dismissal, respectively dismissal for reasons related to the employee, respectively dismissal for reasons not […]

Disputes regarding the individual employment agreement in Romania

The individual employment agreement in Romania is the legal basis between the employee and the employer, which establishes what rights and obligations the contracting parties have. There are several types of employment contracts in Romania that regulate the rights of the employer and the rights of employees, as well as their duties. Thus, the Romanian […]

The most common legal problems facing Romanian startups and how to avoid them

Opening a business in Romania can be both exciting and challenging, especially for Romanian startups facing unique legal issues. To succeed, Romanian entrepreneurs need to be aware of the legal implications involved in their business operations. Here are 10 legal issues Romanian startups should consider: Romanian startups: Starting a business in Romania can be a […]

New amendments to labour law in Romania starting with 2023

Starting with January 2023, labor law in Romania has undergone a series of amendments. The most important of amendments concern the employer’s obligation in Romania regarding the information provided to employees, on insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy or liquidation in Romania and on the possibilities for settling labor dispute in Romania. The Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Margarit […]