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The legal framework for e-commerce in Romania: what you need to know

The legal framework for e-commerce in Romania can be complex and confusing for companies that are new to the market. At the Romanian law firm Pavel, Margarit & Associates, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the e-commerce legal landscape in Romania. In this article, we will provide an overview of the legal framework for e-commerce […]

Appeal against the tax administrative document

Appeal against the tax administrative document

Any person who faces a tax decision issued by an authority within the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) has the right to challenge it, as provided in the tax legislation. Pavel, Margarit and Associates recommends a lawyer specialized in tax law and tax dispute and litigation may proceed to take all steps to file […]

The tax record certificate was amended, starting on 03/09/2015

This Ordinance repealed the previous regulation regarding the fiscal record certificate, respectively Government Ordinance no. 75/2001 on the organization and functioning of the fiscal record certificate, bringing important changes to it. Tax record is a means of recording and tracking the compliance with fiscal discipline, accounting and financial by taxpayers, which keeps track of individuals, […]

New law project – on tourism law

Considering the present situation and the needs identified in the field of tourism, this Law Project aims to regulate the issues regarding tourism, as follows: – to define the specific responsibilities of central government authority for tourism, and to extend and clarify the responsibilities of local councils, in terms of tourism; – to establish specific […]