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    purchase of a property in romania

    How to buy a property in Romania?

    The purchase of a property in Romania, such as an apartment or house, industrial hall, building offices can be made by Romanian citizens, EU member states citizens, as well as foreign citizens. With regard to the right of ownership of land, especially agricultural land in Romania, the law provides certain special provisions regarding their purchase […]

    Many real estate projects in Romania have construction defects. What actions should developers take to be compensated

    Sometimes, new real estate projects have construction defects that are not even known by the developer. Once the owners come into possession of the apartments, they may discover patent or latent defects and go against the developer during the defects liability period. Such cases happen because the developer didnt take the necessary supervising actions, says […]

    Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm was ranked in the top of law firms in Romania by the prestigious guide Legal 500 (2019)

    Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm is one of the leaders of the Romanian law market, according to the most prestigious law guide in the world, Legal 500 (London, UK). This is the third consecutive year in which Legal 500 recognizes these lawyers professionalism in the areas of Restructuring and insolvency and Real estate […]

    Four aspects that you need to keep in mind when buying land in Romania. How can a Romanian lawyer help you

    Buying a land for exploitation or for construction in Romania involves a lot of legal research. In some cases, is more difficult to establish the legal status of a plot than the legal status of a building. For instance, many lands in Romania are not included in the cadastral circuit, other lands cant be used […]

    You want to buy a property in Romania? Here’s how a Romanian real estate due diligence lawyer can advise you

    Before buying a property in Romania, both the seller and the buyer must ensure that they have all the necessary documents available. Issuing some of the documents takes time and it would be unpleasant to know that some of the documents are missing in the day before the transaction takes place, so that the deal […]

    Law regarding giving in payment of immovable property for redemption of obligations under loan agreements was adopted by the Senate

    According to the legal provisions, notwithstanding the Civil Code, the consumer has the right to have his debt with all accessories, cleared at no extra cost, by giving in payment the mortgaged property in favor of the creditor, if the parties to the credit agreement do not reach any agreement. To benefit from the settlement […]

    laptop lawyer property law

    DECISION No. 195 of 31 March 2015 on the unconstitutionality of the provisions of art. 29 paragraph 1 d) second theses of the Law of cadastre and real estate No. 7/1996

    The author of the exception argues that the provisions under criticism contravene to the constitutional provisions of art. 44 – Right to private property, art. 53 – Restriction of certain rights or freedoms and art. 148 – Integration into the European Union and the Treaty on legal assistance in civil, family and criminal law concluded […]

    laptop lawyer property law

    Law project on consumer credit agreements secured by real estate

    The Project is intended to create a complex and comprehensive legal framework regarding credit agreements secured by real estate consumer. The project aims both in the national legislation transposing the provisions of Directive 2014/17 / EU regulation and market specific issues and practice. Also, intermediaries must take into account a wide range of products from […]

    laptop lawyer property law

    What do we need to know about signing a pre sale purchase agreement, according to the New Civil Code?

    Thus, in the old regulation, namely the Law of cadastre and real estate advertising No. 7/1996, it is expressly provided in Art. 24, that: “The promise to conclude a presale purchase agreement for real estate or other rights in relation to it, and deeds of connection and detachment of real estate registered in the Land […]