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    laptop lawyer property law

    It was approved the model and content of the personal cash register and its registration procedure with the Tax Authorities

    Thus, in accordance with the provisions of the Order, the economic operator has the obligation to establish a register of personal money, for each unit of sale of goods or provision of services. The users of fiscal electronic cash machines are obliged, in accordance with the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 28/1999, republished, as further amended […]

    laptop lawyer property law

    News in foreclosure procedure of large and medium taxpayers

    The said order modified the procedure for enforcement of large taxpayers, as follows: “For the recovery of tax debts owed by large taxpayers, legal persons, including for income tax from wages due by large taxpayers and their secondary offices in the enforcement procedure, the coordination of enforcement procedure is carried by the General Directorate of […]

    laptop lawyer property law

    Procedure to manage and monitor the medium taxpayers

    Thus, according to the Order, Tax authorities competent to manage medium taxpayers are county government public finance and Bucharest Regional Public Finance by Tax Administration of medium taxpayers, for: legal entities taxpayers who are tax resident in the county or Bucharest jurisdiction, where appropriate; secondary offices set up by medium taxpayers, who are tax resident […]