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    Starting with March 3rd, the banks will be required to display the card transactions fees on the ATM screens

    Order came into force and takes effect starting on 03.03.2015. According to the provisions of the Order, payment institutions that provide services of accepting payment through debit cards and credit cards issued in Romania, at the ATM terminals located in Romania, are required to inform consumers of all fees, charges, expenses and any other type […]

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    The banks are required to prove the execution of pre-contractual obligations of informing and verification of borrower creditworthiness

    By Decision C-449/13 CA Consumer Finance SA / Ingrid Bakkaus and others, dated 18 December 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union found that “the Directive does not specify whose incumbent to prove that the creditor has executed the obligations of informing and verification of trustworthiness, so this is a problem of internal […]