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    Law regarding giving in payment of immovable property for redemption of obligations under loan agreements was adopted by the Senate

    According to the legal provisions, notwithstanding the Civil Code, the consumer has the right to have his debt with all accessories, cleared at no extra cost, by giving in payment the mortgaged property in favor of the creditor, if the parties to the credit agreement do not reach any agreement. To benefit from the settlement […]

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    Action for damages for loss of use of the building during the time when it was confiscated by the state. Supreme Court Decision

    The Supreme Court has been invested to decide on the penalty interest owed by the state due to delayed execution of the payment obligations and the time by which they may be required. The court ruled, as resulted from the minutes of the Decision No. 21 of June 22, 2015 pronounced in file No. 199/1/2015, […]