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    CJEU: The Romanian State cannot exempt from the tax vehicles already registered and in respect of which a tax previously in force but found to be incompatible with EU law has been paid

    The dispute in Romania was founded on the complaint introduced by Mr. Manea, who requested the registration in Romania of a used vehicle which he bought in Spain. This vehicle belongs to category M1 vehicles and was registered as a new car in Spain in 2005. The Romanian competent authority conditioned the registration with payment […]

    According to the ECJ, national courts can rule on the unfairness of interest and commission risk of credit agreements

    The preliminary¬†question addressed to the Court had the following content: “Considering that, in accordance with Article 4 (2) of Directive 93/13 / EEC, the fairness of the terms, cannot may relate either to define the object of the contract nor to the adequacy of the price or remuneration, on one hand, as to the services […]