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Law Project – Incorporation the associations of owners and management of condominiums

Currently, the regulatory framework relating to housing include: Housing Law no. 114/1996, republished, with subsequent modifications, law regulating social, economic, technical and legal aspects of housing construction and management of rental housing, and Law no. 230/2007 regarding the organization and operation of homeowners associations, which regulates the legal, economic and technical on the establishment, organization […]

laptop lawyer property law

The voluntary house insurance can be closed only after completing a mandatory insurance. Law project adopted

Through the Law Project was introduced a new provision which establishes the rule that you cannot have a voluntary insurance for homes for which it was not completed a previously compulsory insurance: “Insurance – reinsurance companies licensed to practice catastrophe risks may not conclude voluntary insurance for a home that has not previously completed a […]

laptop lawyer property law

The Doctors will be able to work privately in public hospitals

They may be included in the list of health services, investigations or treatments with payment, those services that meet one of the following conditions: are not included in the basic package settled by the health insurance system; are expressly requested by patients; are comfort medical services; the services whose direct provision is required to be […]