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laptop lawyer property law

The court seized with solving the claim for payment of the price of a building confiscated abusively, may grant the updated price, according to the decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice

The High Court held that in the case the applicant claimed only the restitution of the market price (without having a separate point of complaint regarding the refund of the updated price, paid at the time of concluding the sale purchase agreement, under Law No. 112 / 1995, as amended), the Court may grant the […]

laptop lawyer property law

Change of the program “First House”, those who own a house through this program can purchase a bigger one

According to the new provisions, program beneficiaries who own a house purchased or built within the Program, can purchase a new house in the Program with cumulative fulfillment of the following conditions: a) new house to be purchased under the Program must have an usable area larger than the house originally purchased or built within […]

laptop lawyer property law

The risks of non-payment of social security contributions by employers

According to the said Order, it was approved the model, content, method of submission and management of the Declaration on payment obligations of social contributions and income tax records of insured persons. The nomenclature “subsidies/exemptions/reductions’” shall be amended and replaced by the Annex which is an integral part of the Order. In order to grant […]