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There were established two new types of legal entities, non-existent so far in Romania

The social economy contributes to the development of local communities, creating jobs, involvement of persons belonging to vulnerable groups stipulated by this law, in social activities and / or economic activities, facilitating their access to community resources and services. By this law there were established two new types of legal entities, respectively social enterprises and […]

laptop lawyer property law

The risks of non-payment of social security contributions by employers

According to the said Order, it was approved the model, content, method of submission and management of the Declaration on payment obligations of social contributions and income tax records of insured persons. The nomenclature “subsidies/exemptions/reductions’” shall be amended and replaced by the Annex which is an integral part of the Order. In order to grant […]

laptop lawyer property law

Can an employee which is on parental leave, for children aged up to one year or up to 2 years or 3 years in case of a disabled child, be fired?

This prohibition may be extended once, by up to 6 months after complete recovery of the employee / employee in the unit. Are excluded from the prohibition above mentioned, the situations where dismissal occurred as a result of judicial reorganization or bankruptcy of the employer, under the law, according to art. 25 paragraphs (4) of […]