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laptop lawyer property law

The provisions of art. 52 paragraph (1) letter b) of the Labor Code declared unconstitutional. Decision of the Constitutional Court

The Court finds that the provisions of art. 52 paragraph (1) letter b) of Law No. 53/2003 require a separate analysis of the two theses contained, the causes for the suspension of the individual labor contract being obviously different. This distinct examination has been detained also by Decision No. 81 of 26 February 2015 published […]

laptop lawyer property law

What do we need to know about signing a pre sale purchase agreement, according to the New Civil Code?

Thus, in the old regulation, namely the Law of cadastre and real estate advertising No. 7/1996, it is expressly provided in Art. 24, that: “The promise to conclude a presale purchase agreement for real estate or other rights in relation to it, and deeds of connection and detachment of real estate registered in the Land […]