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Amendment to the provisions on the criteria for conditioning the registration for VAT purposes

According to the said Order, if the legal representative of the taxable person presents to the tax authorities, but does not provide accurate and complete data on the information required and does not clarify the intent and ability of the taxpayer to carry out economic activities involving operations from the scope of VAT, the compartment […]

laptop lawyer property law

The new Fiscal Procedure Code was approved by Law no. 207/2015

In the transitional and final provisions it is provided, inter alia, the exemption from the payment of extrajudicial stamps, for certificates, or other documents issued by the tax authorities, as well as the mention stating that failure to pay within the deadline the customs fees due, attracts the interdiction of performing customs operations until their […]

laptop lawyer property law

For any document issued by the Tax Authorities there is no longer a stamp duty mandatory

Through this Ordinance it was introduced a new article in the Fiscal Procedure Code, which provides the exemption from judicial stamp duties, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 of the Annex to Law no. 117/1999 on extra-judicial stamps for taxpayers who request the issuance of certificates, certifications or other documents of the National Agency for […]