They may be included in the list of health services, investigations or treatments with payment, those services that meet one of the following conditions: are not included in the basic package settled by the health insurance system; are expressly requested by patients; are comfort medical services; the services whose direct provision is required to be made by appointed medical staff or expressly requested by the patient or his representative.

Providing the payment services will be made through its own medical personnel or at the express request of the patient or his representative, through appointed nominally medical staff, who may be from establishment or not. If the medical staff designated by the patient is outside the medical unit, the costs connected exclusively on the provided medical deed will be paid directly by the patient to the designated medical personnel.

The methodology for calculating the costs of the provided health care, of the investigations, treatments, accommodation and food services in public health facilities will be approved by Government decision.

In case the patient does not expressly requests a certain doctor, but only the delivery of a particular service from those in the category provided for remuneration, in calculating the costs will be include also the cost of payment for the doctor. The price for the care provided by the designated doctor is established by the doctor and is communicated to the patient. This price will be paid directly to the physician.

The income derived by the healthcare through direct collection is registered and is fiscally declared according to the methodology approved by Order of the Ministry of Public Finance and is taxed according to the law.

The medical personnel will observe the regulations and internal procedures of the medical unit where it will work, and will answer personally by the medical acts performed. In case of complex medical interventions, the appointed doctor can choose and establish a medical team, paying the costs from the amount negotiated and collected. The amounts paid by him to the medical team are tax deductible expenses.

After the adoption by the Chamber of Deputies, the Law Project will come into force in 90 days after publication in the Official Gazette. Within 45 days of the publication, there will be issued the implementing norms.