According to the provisions of the Order, it was regulated the situation on the patients right to be informed and his consent. Thus, at the admission or during delivery of health services, where appropriate, the attending physician has the obligation to inform the patient that he has the right to request not to be informed if the medical information submitted would cause him suffering and the right to choose another person to be informed in his place.

Patients Agreement on designating relatives or friends who may be informed about the evolution of the investigation, diagnosis and treatment is expressed in writing by completing the form provided in the annex that is part of the rules.

On the mentioned form is to be mentioned the patients option, in accordance with Art. 9 of the Law of patients rights No. 46/2003, to allow access to confidential data on his health to others expressly mentioned.

Also, if this is not desired, it can be made a mention in this regard, expressly or, on this occasion, there can be withdrawn the access to confidential data on the health of the patient, access expressed in favor of certain persons.

These new regulations come in addition to the previous regulation, which only mention that “the patient’s relatives and friends can be informed about the evolution of the investigation, diagnosis and treatment, with the patient’s consent”, without determining exactly the modality in which was to be conducted the expression of the patients agreement.

It also mentioned that in situations where confidential information is requested, the units must ensure compliance with the law on supplying them. In situations where the data on privacy, family of the patient positively influence the patients diagnosis, treatment or care provided, the units can use, but only with their consent, being considered exceptions the cases where a patient is a danger to themselves or to public health .