The law was amended for the need to facilitate the access of Romanian citizens abroad to effective and efficient public services from the Romanian state in the context of computerization of the consular procedures performed by diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania abroad.

According to the Ordinance, Law no. 290/2004 was amended and supplemented by introducing after art. 29 2 new paragraphs:

“(3) At the motivated request of persons abroad, the diplomatic missions and consular offices may issue after carrying out the necessary verifications in the databases provided for in Art. 34 paragraph (1), the certificates recording the results of the checks, according art. 17 and 18.

 (4) The certificates have the legal value of a criminal record, is used exclusively abroad and shall be issued within 10 days from the date of application and are valid for 6 months from the date of issuance. “

It was also modified art. 34 paragraph 2, which shall read as follows:

“(2) In order to use these records, at the computerized system will be connected to all police units and subunits, the other structures and institutions of the public order, national security and justice and the competent structures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

And art. 36 paragraph 1, which will read as follows:

“Art. 36. – (1) Communication on the data to be entered in the judicial record or provisionally marked in the records of police units, the applications necessary for obtaining the certificates and copies of criminal records and certificates referred to in Art. 29 paragraph (3), as well as the documents issued will be written on standard forms, according to the model established by Government decision, in accordance with art. 34 paragraph (3). “

The provisions of this Ordinance came into force on 23.01.2016.