According to the decision above mentioned, the information that providers are obliged to publish on their website, under this decision, must be written legibly, and the font color used must contrast with the background.

Regarding the termination of the Agreement, there shall be indicated including the means by which they may request termination of the Agreement (eg e-mail address at which they can transmit the request for termination, phone / fax number, postal address etc.); if it is required the filling out of forms / application by the supplier, there shall be indicated the means by which users can enter in their possession.

The notice through which providers inform subscribers about the intention to unilaterally change the contract for the provision of access and connection to public electronic communications networks or publicly available electronic communications services must be written legibly. The text of the notice must be understandable, relevant, clear and the font used must be in contrast with the background.

The Notice will be sent to subscribers by letter, fax, email, SMS or client account on the supplier’s website accompanied by a SMS and / or message to the email warning about the notice. The means chosen by the supplier for sending the Notice must ensure full transmission of its text, without any reference to other sources of information.

If the Notice of intention to unilaterally modify the contract is sent to subscribers on paper, the size of the paper must be at least equal to the standard A5, with a font of at least 10 p and the Notice must be separated from any advertising material. If the notice of intent to unilaterally modify the contract is sent by mail or by customer account, the subject of the message sent should reflect that it refers to a unilateral contract modification in the message body.

ANCOM maintains and makes available to the public a website which provides comparative information on rates and conditions offered by suppliers through an interactive application that performs, based on a comprehensive set of user input, a comparative analysis of tariff plans on the market for Three categories of electronic communications services: mobile telephony, fixed telephony and Internet access, following to return a ranking of the most advantageous tariff plans in terms of price, which correspond to the options expressed by the user.