The Romanian Law firm Pavel, Margarit and Associates provides legal assistance to an important Indian investor in developing a labor accommodation project in Romania, mainly by drafting a due diligence report in Romania with respect to the property rights over two plots of land in Romania, their authenticity and the conditions for authorizing the construction, having as purpose the preparation of the sale-purchase agreement and lease agreement in Romania.

The legal assistance of lawyers specialized in commercial and civil law in Romania consists in drafting of a due diligence report in Romania which contains, among other things, checks on Real Estate Advertising Registers in Romania in order to avoid a cancellation of the property title, checks on the property history in the light of any requests for restitution made and investigations on the existence of a dispute regarding the lands.

As a result of the legal assistance provided by the Romanian Law Firm Pavel Margarit and Associates, the investor will be able to purchase the land without any legal risks regarding the property rights in Romania, all the legal aspects being analyzed, starting from the revision of the property documents to the preparation of the documentation necessary to take possession by concluding the sale-purchase and lease agreements in Romania.

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