The interconnection of Trade Registers system will be set up by registries in all EU Member States and European central platform. It will become operational on 17 July 2017 but up to this date, Member States and the European Commission will undertake legislative and administrative steps necessary for the system to be operational within the interim deadlines stipulated in the Directive.

Also, it is provided that for individuals and legal entities recorded in the Trade Registers in Romania to be identified in the European system, they will receive a new Sole Identification Code, respectively the unique identifier at European level (EUID). “For identification, including communication between business registers in Member States through the system of interconnection, individuals and legal entities registered in the commercial register shall include a unique identifier at European level EUID, which includes the identification of Romania, the identification of the national register, the number of the person in that register and, if necessary, other features to avoid identification errors. European structure unique identifier (EUID) will be approved by the Minister of Justice. “

Trade Register will publish on its website and on the online services portal and will submit for publication on the European e-Justice portal updated data information on national legislation regarding advertising and enforceability against third parties of the acts, deeds and mentions of the persons subject to registering in the Trade Register. These provisions are expected to come into force after publication of the law in the Official Gazette.

The following information will be available free of charge through the system of interconnection, on the website of this institution or its online service portal:

·      the name and legal form of the person registered in the trade register;

·      headquarters / professional headquarters of the person registered in the Trade Register and the Member State of registration;

·      number of registration in the Trade Register of the person registered / recorded, the unique identifier at European level and fiscal registration code;

·      condition of the company.