The Constitutional Court, solicited in July 2014 by the Peoples Lawyer, upheld the objection of unconstitutionality, saying that this legislative measure by which personal data are to be retained, continuously for six months from generating this information, “would undermine the principle of safeguarding and protection of family and private life private by public authorities and the principle of proportionality”.

According to the explanatory memorandum, the project aimed to ‘establish a clear legal framework defined in the fight against organized crime and particularly its worst forms or cross-border and terrorism “.

“Prepaid cards have a different legal regime from that of users of electronic communications services provided on a subscription basis, which makes it difficult to identify users of prepaid cards in the work carried out for criminal or conducting research for knowledge, prevention and countering risks or threats address security, “it said in the explanatory memorandum to the project initiated by the Government.

The Senate is the first Chamber notified, the law being returned to Parliament for reconsideration.