The main purpose of using electronic dossier is to increase the quality of care through access to relevant medical data and information, and transform the patient in an active factor of protecting and promoting their health.

According to art. 5 of the Methodological Norms, the EHR system is a public service provided by the National Health for all patients, according to Law 95/2006 on healthcare reform amended and supplemented, to ensure social insurance system health, and for all healthcare providers – for all types of healthcare, whether in a contractual relationship with a health insurance house or not.

DES data and information are structured as follows:

– Module Summary emergency (accessible for doctors who provide medical urgency services, without the patient’s consent)

Module of medical history, patient reported history module, module Medical and Personal Documents (accessible only to physicians, only with the patient agreement).

Patient access to data and information from DES is done either through national card health insurance and additional access code or the security matrix and additional access code.

Matrix Security card is an alternative national health insurance, issued at the request of patients by physicians in their identity document.

After the death of the patient, its electronic health records are archived and data contained in the EHR system can only be used in depersonalized form.