If you receive a petition and you are sued in Romania, there are several steps to be taken. These are practices that are specific to litigation law practice, so that in order to bring them to a good start, it is best to hire a specialized litigation lawyer in Romania. A specialized litigation lawyer in Romania knows best the litigation law in Romania applicable to the case, and will present it before the court so that you have a high chance of winning, say specialized litigation lawyers in Romania from Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.

There are a few steps that need to be taken before the first term of judgment in Romania is reached.

The first step is to analyze the petition received. The defendant must, from the legal point of view, either alone or together with a specialized litigation lawyer in Romania, consider what evidence could use in his/her defense in order to reject the plaintiff’s claims.

Once this step has been completed, a response has to be submitted to the file within 25 days of the date the petition was received. If you consider that you have certain claims against the plaintiff, claims arising from the same dispute, you must formulate and file a counterclaim with a specialized litigation lawyer in Romania, which may entail the payment of a stamp duty (depending on the subject file).

Last but not least, if you believe that another person (a third party) may be liable for the damage caused, you can file a warranty claim with a specialized litigation lawyer in Romania. Please note that no person may be called in the warranty but only a person who has an indemnity or guarantee obligation against you.

If the plaintiff has given a response, the defendant will have to go to the archives of the court where the file is located to copy the response and, possibly, the documents attached to it. This response is usually not communicated to the defendant, that’s why is better to have a specialized litigation lawyer in Romania to get it for you.

Subsequently, the defendant will receive a petition indicating the first term of the trial. You will have to formulate evidence for this term. Also, the defendant will have to formulate the interrogation, if any. If the plaintiff is a juridical person, the interrogation must be formulated and filed in the case file with the testimony. The list of witnesses proposed for the hearing must also be filed.

As can be seen, for cases in court, it is necessary both to analyze the petition, to formulate the response, to analyze the response to the case, and to administer the evidence. These are steps that involve in-depth knowledge of Romanian litigation legislation. That is why, in case of a lawsuit, the help of a specialized litigation lawyer is Romania is extremely valuable. He can handle all the necessary steps and can do all that is necessary to ensure that the client’s rights are defended, according to the specialized litigation lawyers from Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.


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