Radu Pavel

Radu Catalin Pavel

Managing Partner
Radu Catalin Pavel is the Managing Partner and Founder of Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm. Within more than 17 years of sophisticated and diverse business practice, Radu gained an extensive expertise especially in M&A, Corporate and Commercial field, assisting and providing world-class legal services to the firm top clients.
    Nicolae Margarit
    PhD. Nicolae Margarit is Partner with Pavel, Margarit & Associates. PhD Nicolae Margarit attorney at law has a vast experience in the legal field, with over 30 years of practice in Administrative and Public Law and Criminal Law and White Collar Crime, areas of practice. He represented high calibre individuals in a wide range of matters involving money laundering, fraud, bribery, tax evasion and other business crime cases.
      Claudia Pavel

      Claudia Pavel

      Executive Director & Of counsel Partner
      Claudia Pavel is the Executive Director of Pavel, Margarit & Associates. Claudia is a business oriented professional, with studies in Law and Economics, with over five years of practice on the capital markets and over ten years in the legal field. Claudia had been involved in relevant projects on the capital markets with American companies, in which she interacted with a broad range of high-net-worth individuals across the world. She was actively involved in raising capital for companies in the Pre-IPO stage of listing, NYSE listed companies and property funds.