Legal Advice & Law Consultation

The consultation can take place at our office in Bucharest, Romania or online, based on the documents and information sent by the client.

One of our lawyers will advise you during your consultation.

The price for consultation depends on the seniority of the lawyer. You may choose between a consultation with our Managing Partner, Dr. Radu Pavel with 200 Eur + VAT, please check his profile here or with one of our Senior Associate Lawyers with 120 Eur + VAT.

The consultation will last up to one hour but if your matter takes more time, it will be extended with your permission, the rest of the payment being paid later.

If you consider that it is not necessary to make an appointment you can contact our Romanian Law Firm through the online form in the “Contact” section or at the e-mail address

If you complete this quiz you will obtain a cupon which you can use it to obtain a 10% discount for online appointment consultation.

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