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ANAF started checking individuals with high fiscal risk

In the sample of risk are included individuals with a fortune displayed significantly (real estate, luxury cars and other high value items, receivables from lending to companies and / or individuals, significant deposits in bank accounts in Romania or abroad, high personal expenses) unjustified by the declared income. According to the provisions of Chapter III […]

laptop lawyer property law

The new Fiscal Procedure Code was approved by Law no. 207/2015

In the transitional and final provisions it is provided, inter alia, the exemption from the payment of extrajudicial stamps, for certificates, or other documents issued by the tax authorities, as well as the mention stating that failure to pay within the deadline the customs fees due, attracts the interdiction of performing customs operations until their […]

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For any document issued by the Tax Authorities there is no longer a stamp duty mandatory

Through this Ordinance it was introduced a new article in the Fiscal Procedure Code, which provides the exemption from judicial stamp duties, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 of the Annex to Law no. 117/1999 on extra-judicial stamps for taxpayers who request the issuance of certificates, certifications or other documents of the National Agency for […]

It was published the Law No. 121 / 29.05.2015 amending and supplementing the Law on Accounting

According to this law, individuals performing activities which product income, as defined by the Tax Code, and whose incomes are determined in real system, are bound to lead the accounting evidence based on simple entry accounting rules or, at their option, based on rules of double entry accounting in accordance with the accounting regulations issued […]

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A new decision on denomination of CHF ordered by the Targu – Jiu Court

The court admitted the claim, noted the unfairness of the contractual clauses inserted in the loan agreement and absolute nullity of these clauses. It also ordered the removal of these clauses from the contract and also ordered the defendant to refund the amounts collected by way of management fee and processing fee, amounts updated until […]

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Taxation of the tip canceled by the Senate Budget Committee

  The Government Emergency Ordinance No. 8/2015 on amending and supplementing Government Emergency Ordinance No. 28/1999 regarding the obligation of traders to use electronic cash machines are to be modified in order to eliminate the provisions relating to taxation of the tip and will be sent to the Senate for approval, entering the Senate plenary […]

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Order No. 161/2015 on amending and supplementing the Procedure for communication by electronic means between the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and individuals

According to the above – mentioned Order the actions assured and permitted by the service “Virtual private space” are: a)     change of the user’s identification data and changing of the means of informing him; b)    the communication of the tax administrative documents, applications and other documents and information; c)     download of documents; d)    waiver to […]

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Draft Project of NBR on amending the Regulation on reporting of statistical data and information

The main amendments to Regulation No. 4/2014 are found in Title I Reporting of data and information on monetary and financial statistics, balance of payments, the Romanian foreign private debt in the medium and long term, as well as programs and securities holdings and in Title III Reporting of data and information in order to […]