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From 1’st of January 2016 the tax for certain micro enterprises will drop to 1%

So, the general quota of tax revenue for Micro enterprises will continue to be 3%, but, by exception: for Romanian legal entities new  – incorporated having at least one employee, are incorporated for more than 48 months, their shareholders have not owned shareholdings in other legal entities will benefit from a tax rate of 1% […]

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High Court. Annulment of Shareholders Resolution for conversion of shares. Effects

In the present case subject to the Decision, given that through the claim the plaintiff requested solely the absolute nullity for (i) lack of legal object, (ii) noncompliance with art. 98 of Law no. 31/1990 and (iii) noncompliance with Articles of Association with respect to obtaining the shareholders consent for the transfer of shares, the […]

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There were established two new types of legal entities, non-existent so far in Romania

The social economy contributes to the development of local communities, creating jobs, involvement of persons belonging to vulnerable groups stipulated by this law, in social activities and / or economic activities, facilitating their access to community resources and services. By this law there were established two new types of legal entities, respectively social enterprises and […]

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Amendment to the provisions on the criteria for conditioning the registration for VAT purposes

According to the said Order, if the legal representative of the taxable person presents to the tax authorities, but does not provide accurate and complete data on the information required and does not clarify the intent and ability of the taxpayer to carry out economic activities involving operations from the scope of VAT, the compartment […]

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Law Project – Incorporation the associations of owners and management of condominiums

Currently, the regulatory framework relating to housing include: Housing Law no. 114/1996, republished, with subsequent modifications, law regulating social, economic, technical and legal aspects of housing construction and management of rental housing, and Law no. 230/2007 regarding the organization and operation of homeowners associations, which regulates the legal, economic and technical on the establishment, organization […]

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The Romanian Trade Register interconnected at the system of EU Trade Register. Companies will have a new Sole Identification Code

The interconnection of Trade Registers system will be set up by registries in all EU Member States and European central platform. It will become operational on 17 July 2017 but up to this date, Member States and the European Commission will undertake legislative and administrative steps necessary for the system to be operational within the […]

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It was adopted the Law No. 120/2015 regarding the stimulation of individual investors – business angels

The companies, in which shares may be purchased, must meet the following conditions: to be constituted as limited liability companies under Art. 2 of the Company Law No. 31/1990, republished, with subsequent amendments; to be independent companies in the sense of Law no. 346/2004, with subsequent amendments; not be in default or insolvent or bankrupt […]

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Changing of the Law on Unfair Competition and other acts in the field of competition

According to the amendments of the above mentioned Law, there were amended the fines for the offenses committed by individuals, which are between 5,000 lei and 10,000 lei, by individual being understood “any current or former employee / representative of a company or any other person who commits unfair competition practices and offenses stipulated in […]

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ANAF rejects the application for registration for VAT purposes of administrators who belong or have been part of companies with outstanding debt to the state budget

As a consequence, there were modified the criteria underlying the registration for VAT purposes, motivated by the fact stated by ANAF representatives, namely that “it is limited the access on the market for the companies with escapist behavior, and for the persons involved in networks of fraud or with a previous fiscal behavior contrary to […]

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The Decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice on successor rights on payment of the shares held by their deceased predecessor

The moment of birth of the payment obligation relates to the date of the last approved balance sheet, existing at the time of death of the shareholder. Deceased shareholder’s rights should be established in the same way as those of the shareholder excluded or of the one withdrawing from the Company and they should be […]