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    What is the procedure of dissolution/liqudation of a company in Romania?

    According to Law 31/1990, companies can cease their existence by several ways, among which we mention the procedure of dissolution and liquidation in Romania, the expiry of the period for which the company was established, the bankruptcy of the company in Romania. The Romanian Law firm Pavel, Margarit and Associates recommends contacting a lawyer specialized […]

    What is the procedure for restructuring a company in Romania? What means the reorganization of a company in Romania? Differences between restructuring and reorganization, the procedure that you can follow, guidance / recommendations from a lawyer

    Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Margarit and Associates would like to provide you information on restructuring and reorganization of a company in Romania, what is the procedure that  you can follow in such cases, what are the differences between the two procedures and what recommendations a lawyer specialized in insolvency,  restructuring and bankruptcy in Romania and […]