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How to initiate insolvency procedure against a debtor in Romania?

The insolvency procedure in Romania can be initiated as a result of a request filed to the Court by a debtor in Romania, one or more creditors in Romania, or by individuals or institutions expressly provided by law. According to the regulations of Law No. 85/2014, any creditor in Romania entitled to request the initiation […]

Who can be held accountable for the company’s insolvency

Tens of thousands of Romanian companies are still in insolvency stage. Many companies opened the insolvency procedure due to the financial crisis and others due to management mistakes. Individuals or companies that must recover loans from an insolvent company must know that sometimes the managers or the administrators of the insolvent companies can be held […]

Youre the administrator of a company in Romania? How may a claim of personal liability be filed against you?

During and after crisis, more and more companies have entered into the insolvency procedure or bankruptcy procedure in front of the Romanian Insolvency Court, on different reasons. Some Romanian companies had financial instability due to the crisis, but management errors may also determinate a companys insolvency or bankruptcy in Romania. According to Romanian Insolvency law, […]