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Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment in Romania

Labor Lawyer in Romania. Workplace Harassment in Romania Workplace harassment in Romania is a serious issue that can significantly affect the health and productivity of employees. Decision No. 970/2023 approving the Methodology for preventing and combating workplace harassment in Romania based on gender and moral harassment at work in Romania, introduces concrete measures for preventing […]

Understanding Romanian labor laws: a guide for employers

As an employer in Romania, it’s essential to understand the country’s labor laws. Romanian labor laws are complex and governed by various regulations with which employers must comply. This guide provides an overview of Romanian labor laws and the legal obligations of employers. Introduction to Romanian labor laws Romanian labor legislation is designed to protect […]

The new amendments brought to the individual employment agreement and Labor Code in Romania

Starting with October 22, 2022, the Romanian Law no. 283/2022 entered into force in Romania for amending and supplementing the Law no. 53/2003 Romanian Labor Code, as well as the Romanian Government Emergency Ordinance no. 57/2019 on the Romanian Administrative Code, and thus the employment agreement in Romania was amended. The main amendments to the […]