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Promissory note / Cheque / Bill of exchange

Promissory note / Cheque / Bill of exchange – financial instruments in Romania

Business relationships between professionals in Romania can bring a number of advantages, but often also various inconveniences. The latter are often caused by non-compliance with pecuniary obligations, which is why the parties involved may end up being enforced. In order to be enforced in Romania, it is necessary to go through some steps to obtain […]

The most important changes of the Fiscal Code starting with January 2015

Under the Project, the most important changes concern: income tax, VAT, excise duties and other special charges, income from independent activities, financing of health spending and the extension of deadlines. Regarding the income tax, the Project provides inter alia: 1.     Elimination from the Fiscal Code, for taxpayers who derive income from independent activities, rental and […]