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What is the procedure for division of a company in Romania?

According to the Law 31/1990 regarding commercial companies, the corporate division in Romania is made by dividing the patrimony of commercial company in Romania that ends its existence between two or more existing commercial companies in Romania or that thus come into being. The corporate division in Romania is decided by each commercial company in […]

How to conclude a share association agreement in the Information Technology (IT) field in Romania?

A joint venture agreement is a contract whereby a person provides, to one or more persons, a share in the benefits and losses of one or more operations that he or she undertakes. In other words, the joint venture agreement is usually concluded between practitioners in Romania, being a form of association between two or […]

When a bidder can be excluded from a public tender procedure in Romania?

Public procurement procedure is the acquisition of works, supplies or services by means of a public procurement agreement in Romania that is concluded between one or more contracting authorities and one or more economic operators, regardless of whether the works, supplies or services aim to achieve a public interest or not. Any economic operator has […]

Radu Pavel, Romanian lawyer specialized in investment’s securities: 5 tips to protect the capital invested in a Romanian company

If an investor or a shareholder wants to invest in a Romanian company and receive a subsequent profit, he will provide a loan to that company. In this respect, it may be concluded a loan agreement or prepayment agreement. But these sort of agreements do not guarantee the security of the investment.  In order to […]

How do you appeal fiscal’s authority decision, after inspection

Very often, tax inspectors decide larger amounts of fiscal debt after a fiscal inspection. However, any fiscal decision issued by Romanian National Agency for Fiscal Administration may be challenged. Sometimes, inspectors make decisions that do not fully comply with the legal provisions. A Romanian lawyer specialized in commercial litigation and administrative law can help you […]

How can a Romanian insolvent company best value its asset

Romanian companies that have opened insolvency proceedings need liquidity to continue their business. One of the methods to obtain the necessary amounts is to capitalize the assets through sale by direct negotiation method, regulated by Romanian insolvency law nr. 85/2014. A Romanian lawyer specialized in restructuring and insolvency can help a company maximize the income […]

How can you recover a car, an industrial machine or equipment from someone who refuses to render the asset

There are many situations when contracts between companies are not respected by one party, which leads to court action. This happens when companies that alienated an industrial machine or equipment cannot recover it because of the current user’s refusal. To regain the thing they posses, even when they do not have an enforceable title, the […]

Radu Pavel, Romanian insolvency lawyer: Key elements to help you reorganize your business and re-enter in the economic circuit the insolvent company

In Romania, only a few companies manage to reorganize and restructure the activity after they have entered into the insolvency procedure. Although Romania’s economy is growing, in 2018 more than 8,000 companies have opened insolvency proceedings and many others have gone bankrupt. The companies either did not manage the financial resources well or they did […]