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New law project – on tourism law

Considering the present situation and the needs identified in the field of tourism, this Law Project aims to regulate the issues regarding tourism, as follows: – to define the specific responsibilities of central government authority for tourism, and to extend and clarify the responsibilities of local councils, in terms of tourism; – to establish specific […]

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Action for damages for loss of use of the building during the time when it was confiscated by the state. Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court has been invested to decide on the penalty interest owed by the state due to delayed execution of the payment obligations and the time by which they may be required. The court ruled, as resulted from the minutes of the Decision No. 21 of June 22, 2015 pronounced in file No. 199/1/2015, […]

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The voluntary house insurance can be closed only after completing a mandatory insurance. Law project adopted

Through the Law Project was introduced a new provision which establishes the rule that you cannot have a voluntary insurance for homes for which it was not completed a previously compulsory insurance: “Insurance – reinsurance companies licensed to practice catastrophe risks may not conclude voluntary insurance for a home that has not previously completed a […]

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DECISION No. 195 of 31 March 2015 on the unconstitutionality of the provisions of art. 29 paragraph 1 d) second theses of the Law of cadastre and real estate No. 7/1996

The author of the exception argues that the provisions under criticism contravene to the constitutional provisions of art. 44 – Right to private property, art. 53 – Restriction of certain rights or freedoms and art. 148 – Integration into the European Union and the Treaty on legal assistance in civil, family and criminal law concluded […]

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Order on approving the Procedure for the exercise of state control for market surveillance of construction products

State Construction Inspectorate is the authority for market surveillance for all products for construction, except for fixed firefighting equipment – stationary equipment for alarm / fire detection, fire fighting, fire and smoke control and explosion protection. According to the Order, the checks regarding construction products market surveillance concern the following: a) identification details of the […]

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Project of ANCPI on amending the Regulation of registration procedure in the Land Book

The Regulation establishes the working procedures for registration with the Cadastre and Land Registry records of buildings, the endorsement and acceptance of the special works, as well as other specific tasks of the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration, following the creation of an integrated informational system of Cadastre and Land Book. According to […]