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    Action in contractual civil legal liability in a construction dispute in Romania

    The Civil Code in Romania provides for the possibility of repairing the legal damages in Romania and engaging the civil legal liability in Romania in case of a construction dispute in Romania. This type of individual liability in Romania implies the obligation to repair the contractual damage in Romania assumed in a construction agreement in […]

    What are the steps to follow for the valid conclusion of a sales agreement in Romania? Are the agreements concluded under private signature valid in Romania?

    The Romanian legislation establishes a series of conditions regarding the conclusion of sales agreements in Romania. The Romanian Civil Code requires a certain form of conclusion of the sales agreement in Romania depending on the nature of the good whose property is transmitted. The law confers the title of agreement under private signature in Romania […]

    Promissory note / Cheque / Bill of exchange

    How to start a litigation matter in Romania against a contractual partner?

    Signing an agreement in Romania creates rights and obligations between the parties for a particular period of time. Thus, by starting a litigation matter in Romania, one person may claim the obligation of the other party to respect the violated right or to perform the assumed obligation, and if it is no longer possible, to […]